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Organization Chart

​​​​ The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China includes Auditing Office、Department of Loan and Guarantee、Department of Exp 


The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China includes Auditing Office、Department of Loan and Guarantee、Department of Export Insurance、Department of Finance、Department of Risk Management、Department of Administrative Management、Department of Accounting、Human Resources Office、Ethics Office、Information Technology Office(Information Security Management Center)、Compliance and Legal Affairs Office(Anti-Money Laundering Center)、Credit Committee and Export Insurance Committee.

Auditing Office: 
Conducts general audits and specific audits as stipulated by the competent authorities;verifies improvements made by audited departments in line with internal and external audit opinions. Examines and assesses the Bank’s internal control system and the implementation thereof. 
Department of Loan and Guarantee: 
In charge of planning, implementation and promotion of the policy, management regulations and programs for extending credit, handling deliberation on the interest rate pricing, and responsible for the establishment, closure and relocation of branches and the management of their credit business. 
Department of Export Insurance: 
In charge of planning, marketing, underwriting, claim, reinsurance management of Export Credit Insurance and the matters of connection with the international ECA.
Department of Finance:
Handles New Taiwan Dollar and foreign currency allocation, planning, and utilization; Relending Facility; Syndicated Loan for financial institutions.
Department of Risk Management:
Dep. of Risk Management is in charge of Eximbank’s overall credit risk management. The risk management strategies are built up risks limit control mechanism and assessment of various risks undertook by Eximbank. 
Department of Administrative Management:
In charge of Board of Directors meeting minutes、documentary affairs、procurement management and general affairs.
Department of Accounting:
Responsible for planning and formulation of asscounting system,budgets,statistics,and internal auditing.
Human Resources Office:
Carries out the planning, study, training, and implementation of personnel affairs.
Ethics Office:
To spread and enact laws and regulations of government ethics,To prevent civil servants from getting involved of the corruption,To handle and check up the asset reports and other enquiries of the civil servants,To handle personal affairs regarding corruption, malfeasance and other illegal practices,To handle confidential and security affairs,To check up the procurement affair,To handle and assist petition affairs of the people’s complaints, To supervise police affairs,Money Laundering Control Business,Other related affairs.
Information Technology Office (Information Security Management Center):
In charge of planning, designing, implementation, maintenance and management of information technology as well as information security management system.
Compliance and Legal Affairs Office (Anti-Money Laundering Center):
Handling compliance matters and keeping operating and management rules and procedures comply with relevant laws, rules and regulations;
Handling legal matters as well as the collection and study of domestic and overseas laws and regulations.
Handling the planning, management, and execution of anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism regulation.
Credit Committee:
Responsible for assessing & reviewing loan/ guarantee and export credit insurance application cases exceeding authorized amounts.
Export Insurance Committee : 
Approving rates and content of new insurance and special insurance cases.​​​