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The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China website privacy notice


​The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China website privacy notice

The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China (“Eximbank”) protects your privacy. When you use the services provided by Eximbank Website, your personal data, transaction data and other relevant information, the Bank's deregulation or the competent authority in addition to the provisions of the users, they are subject to strict confidentiality measures, and collect, process and use your information in accordance with the following statements.
In order to allow you to use the services provided by our website, please read the following "Privacy Notice".
1. The collection of personal data
The provision of our website services requires you to collect personal information from you:
(1) Business needs of the Eximbank
When you apply for the website service of the Eximbank, we will ask you to provide your name, company serial number, e-mail address, communication method and other information necessary for the application or the services of the website.
(2) Other system information
Eximbank Website will retain records automatically generated by server or information security device when you browse or search on the Website, including the pages you view, the links you click, other operations related to the website and services, and your browser transmission. To the specific standard information of the website you are visiting, such as IP address, browser information, and access time.
2. The use of personal data
The purpose of Eximbank's collection, processing and use of your personal data, including but not limited to the following:
(1) According to the relevant laws or the regulations of the competent authority.
(2) Process your products and services based on the personal data you provide.
(3) To improve the services provided by this website or to perform your request on the website, including providing more effective services and avoiding repeated input of the same information.
(4) When browsing or inquiring about the Internet, the relevant records generated by the server or information security device and the specific standard information transmitted by your browser to Eximbank Website you visit are used as audit trails for illegal intrusion. Retained use of commercial applications.
3. Your rights
Unless otherwise required by applicable law, you are entitled to the following rights with regard to your personal data we collect, process, use and retain:
(1)The right to inquiry, review or duplicate your personal data;
(2)The right to supplement or rectify your personal data;
(3)The right to discontinue processing your personal data;
(4)The right to delete your personal data;
(5)The right to withdraw consent;
(6)The right to restrict processing (applies only to data subjects within the EU);
(7)The right to object to automated individual decision-making(applies only to data subjects within the EU);
(8)The right of data portability (applies only to data subjects within the EU).
Eximbank will determine whether or not to accept your application in accordance with “Personal Information Protection Act of the R.O.C" and related laws and regulations. If the personal data you provide is incorrect or incomplete, resulting in failure to confirm your true identity, we will not be able to cooperate with your request for privacy. If you consider that BOT has been unable, or unwilling, to resolve your rights, you may lodge a complaint to related data protection authority.
The personal data collected by Eximbank Website will retain as needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. We will retain and use your personal data as necessary to enforce the rights and obligations of the contract involved, comply with relevant legal obligations and regulatory period requirements, and resolve disputes. After the aforementioned factors fulfilled, we will destroy or delete your personal data or make it anonymous such as identification to protect your privacy.
4. Amendment of this statement
To meet social and environmental changes, business required, technology development, and revisal of laws, this statement may be amended and announced from time to time. Please visit this Privacy Statement page at any time in order to protect your rights and interests.
5. Contact us
If you have any questions about this notice, or how your personal data is collected, used, processed, or should you wish to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, you can use the “contact us” function to leave a message on Eximbank Website (https://www.eximbank.com.tw/en-us/ContactUs), and we will provide further instructions.
* The English versions is only for reference, in the event of any discrepancy, conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions hereof, the Chinese version shall prevail.

  隱私權告知事項  (Privacy Notice)