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Business Items

The Eximbank  engages in the following business: 


  1. To provide guarantee facilities and medium-, long-term financing facilities for export transactions for machinery, equipment, and other capital goods, or the technical services in connection therewith.

  2. To provide guarantee facilities and medium-, long-term financing facilities to exporters engaging in investments in foreign countries to secure the supply of essential raw materials or expand export sales, and to provide guarantee facilities called for by construction contracts or to provide medium- and long-term funding required by engineering firms in connection with construction projects abroad.

  3. To provide guarantee facilities and medium-term financing facilities to export firms for the import of raw materials, equipment, and spare parts related to their export business.

  4. To provide guarantee facilities to export firms to facilitate the obtaining of short-term financing.

  5. In Line With "New Southbound Policy”, "Forward-Looking Infrastructure Plan”, “Five-plus-Two Innovative Key Industries Plan” and "Syndicated Loan Platform for System Integration, Turnkey Project and Engineering Industry Exports" of the Government, Eximbank provided financing, guarantees, and export credit insurance to help enterprises expand external trade and overseas investments and increase international cooperation to maintain the steady and continuous development of Taiwan economy.

  6. To utilized the “National Development Fund” of the Executive Yuan, the “Strengthening Trade Finance Loan Program” of Ministry of Economic Affairs and the “SME Development Fund” to promote policy loans, and strengthen the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in exporting and expanding overseas bases.

  7. To conduct export credit insurance .

  8. To engage in risk assessment including that of corporations, financial institutions, and countries and of risk management.