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Information Protection Notification

Dear Customer:

Considering confidentiality of the collection of your personal information, in respect to the paragraph one of Article 8 of Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”), The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China (the “Bank”) shall clearly inform you following issues: (1) purpose of collection; (2) classification of personal information; (3) period, areas, parties and way of the use of personal information; (4) the rights and methods you may exercise in terms of Article 3 of the Act; (5) you may decide to provide personal information or not and the impact of nondisclosure of personal information.

1. Purpose of collecting Personal Information:
(1) Collecting, processing, and using personal information is made to comply with the legal obligations, the relevant laws, and to meet the needs of financial supervision or financial dispute resolution.
(2) For contract, quasi-contract or other legal related matters, consumer protection, consumers, management and service for customers.

2.Classification of Personal Information Collected: name, personal ID card number, passport number, certificate number, date of birth, nationality, communication methods and other information specified in the content of relevant application or contracts of the Bank, subject to personal information actually collected from you or your relevant dealings ,accounts, or services with the Bank.

3. Time period, area, target and way of the use of personal information:.
(1) Time Period: The existing period of the specific purpose for which the personal information is collected, or the period determined in accordance with the applicable laws (such as the Business Entity Accounting Act) or the information retention period necessary for the Bank to perform its business or agreed in the respective
contract (the longer period will prevail).
(2) Area: any domestic and overseas locations where the ‘targets’ that may use the personal information described in the following paragraph are situated.
(3) Targets that may use personal information: the Bank (including any organizations entrusted by the Bank for the purpose of dealing with its matters), institutions that use personal information in accordance with the law (such as the financial holding company, with which the Bank is affiliated), other business-related
targets (such as overseas branches of the Bank, correspondent banks, the Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. and any recipients of internationally transmitted personal information not subject to restrictions imposed by the central industry competent authority), legally authorized organizations or financial supervisory authorities.
(4) Ways of use of personal information: Personal information shall be used/processed by automatic machines or other non-automatic measures in compliance with the relevant Personal Information Protection laws and regulations.

4. You may exercise the following rights with regard to your personal information kept by the Bank pursuant to Article 3 of The Act:
(1)Except the information stated in Article 10, making inquiries, requesting to review, or asking for a duplication of personal information from the Bank, and the Bank may charge a reasonable and necessary fee pursuant to Article 14 of The Act.
(2)Requesting the Bank to supplement or correct provided that you should make an appropriate explanation according to Article 19 of Title Enforcement Rules of The Act.
(3)If the Bank violates the provisions of The Act in collecting, processing or using your personal information, you may request the Bank to discontinue collecting pursuant to Paragraph 4 of Article 11 of The Act.
(4)According to Paragraph 2 of Article 11, in the event of a dispute regarding the accuracy of personal information, you may request the Bank to discontinue processing or using your personal information. However, the preceding sentence may not be applicable when it is necessary for the Bank to perform its business with the dispute noted, or when it is agreed by the you in writing.
(5)According to Paragraph 3 of Article 11, you may request the Bank to delete, discontinue processing or using your personal information after the specific purpose of collecting personal information vanishes or the deadlines expires. However, the preceding sentence may not be applicable when it is necessary for the Bank to perform its business or when it is agreed by you in writing.
5. You may freely choose whether or not to provide relevant personal information. However, if he/she refuses to provide relevant personal information, the Bank will not be able to proceed with the necessary examination or procedure and therefore will not be able to provide relevant services.

※This Notification is written in both Chinese and English, and in case of discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.