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The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China Joins Equator Principles Association Putting Sustainable Finance into Practice

The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China (Eximbank) announced its official adoption of the Equator Principles (EPs), making Eximbank be a member of the Equator Principles Association.


The Equator Principles is a risk management framework, adopted by financial institution, for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects and is primarily intended to provide a minimum standard for due diligence and monitoring to support responsible risk decision-making.


In order to accelerate international connectivity, enforce environmental and social risk management, and lead business partners towards sustainable and stable operation, Eximbank has integrated the spirit of environmental protection and social responsibility into corporate operation and management. In addition, as a wholly government-owned bank, Eximbank not only earnestly implement its policy mission “Strengthen Trade Finance and Assist External Trade", but also works in line with the “Green Finance 2.0", the Financial Supervisory Commission R.O.C. has adopted, to promote the sustainable development of society.


Becoming an Equator Principles Financial Institution (EPFI), Eximbank is committing to the implementation of EPs in its environmental and social policies, procedures and standards for financing projects. From now on, Eximbank will review its credit facility cases following EPs and cooperate with enterprises for fulfilling environmental and social responsibility through financial influence.


EXIM Bank website :www.eximbank.com.tw

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Representative Office in Bangkok, Thailand:+66-2-286-2896;+66-2-286-1038


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