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Once the line of credit under Relending Facility is available, what should our bank do to request for Eximbank's disbursement?

  The Eximbank’s disbursement under Relending Facility is operated on the first instance arranged by the foreign importers with your esteemed bank for purchasing goods from the ROC suppliers. When your bank wants to obtain the disbursement from Eximbank and relend the funds to your bank’s clients, you shall send Eximbank a duly executed Request for Disbursement in the form of Exhibit A as shown in the Relending Agreement and relevant documents stipulated in the Agreement, together with the following supporting documents related to the export from R.O.C. exporters within six months after the date of first shipment:
1. non-negotiable copy(ies) of bill(s) of lading or airway bill(s).
2. commercial invoice(s).
If the Request for Disbursement as well as the required documents is satisfactory, Eximbank will remit funds to the account of your bank at a commercial bank in New York, the United States of America.